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Who we are?

The hospital is situated in a pleasant environment. The Hospital is 60 bed capacity hospital is well equipped with best infrastructure and highly qualified and experienced doctors. Round the clock transportation facility along with the sophisticated Panchakarma, Surgical (Minor and Major O.T) and parasurgical units, Ksharasutra unit, Maternity wing, Laboratory, X- Ray, USG, and ECG etc attracts a lot of OPD and IPD patients.

The hospital shows you the path of good health, but lasting benefits will accrue only to those who are willing to follow the path even after they leave the hospital on completion of treatment. TAPOVANA MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITAL is NOT a health resort or spa for the rich to relax or lose their flab while remote-controlling their business. It is a hospital. Those who can afford are charged to enable it to bring the treatment within the reach of the poor. Affordable facilities are provided for the others as well.

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About Us

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Our Treatments


The word Yoga has originated from the combination of the two Sanskrit words “Yoke” and “Yui” meaning together and stretch respectively.

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Our Chairman