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Our Hospital & Medical College located amidst of Harihara & Davangere city.Situated exactly at 6km from Davangere.The hospital shows you the path of good health, but lasting benefits will accrue only to those who are willing to follow the path even after they leave the hospital on completion of treatment. TAPOVANA MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITAL is NOT a health resort or spa for the rich to relax or lose their flab while remote-controlling their business. It is a hospital. Those who can afford are charged to enable it to bring the treatment within the reach of the poor. Affordable facilities are provided for the others as well.

Our Features

In the hospital itself nature has been recreated in its gardens, parks, lawns, and flowering plants. Beautiful fountains, fresh and unpolluted breeze and chirping of birds make one forget the din and bustle of urban mundanity. In addition, other drugless treatment modalities like acupuncture and physiotherapy are also taken as treatment aids.As regards diagnosis, modern scientific equipments and treatment aids

Naturopathy and Yoga helps to regain and maintain health. The patients needs to sacrifice and strictly follow natural principles even after going back home. Naturopathy is not just a treatment but a way of life. An inspiration behind its establishment. The Institute is a pioneer in its field in that it has been able to successfully evolve as a drugless therapy by combining the two most powerful curative tools of ancient India, Naturopathy and Yoga, to fight a host of diseases. Simultaneously, it has been able to offer a natural way of life, which paves the way to attain physical, mental and emotional health from within one's own self.

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The word Yoga has originated from the combination of the two Sanskrit words “Yoke” and “Yui” meaning together and stretch respectively.

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Our Motto

The mind has great influence over the body and maladies often have their origin there